Updated Jun 28, 2022

Best Baofeng Radio Reviews (Updated 2022)

What is the best Baofeng radio?

Whether you want to upgrade to the latest version or you are a newbie starting your Ham experience, wondering which is the best Baofend radio is one dilemma that you may face.

Simply because Baofeng radios are a popular choice for both amateur and commercial users.

Unfortunately, the search is never easy. With lots of options and inadequate information to guide you, it’s easy to go round in circles.

So, which is the best Baofeng radio In 2022?

Best Baofeng Radios In A Glimpse:

  1. BaoFeng BF-F8HP (UV-5R 3rd Gen) – Best Baofeng Radio
  2. BTECH DMR-6X2 Radio 7-Watt Dual Band (DMR and Analog) – Best Baofeng DMR Radio
  3. BAOFENG BF-88ST Walkie Talkies – Best Budget Baofeng Radio
  4. BTECH (UV-5X3) 5 Watt Tri-Band Radio – Best Value For Money
  5. BTECH GMRS-V2 – Best Baofeng GMRS Radio
  6. BaoFeng GT-3TP Mark-III Tri-Power
  7. BaoFeng UV-5R – Best Budget Baofeng Radio
  8. BTECH MURS-V1 MURS License Free Two-Way Radio – Best Baofeng MURS Radio
  9. BaoFeng UV-82C Dual Band (136-174/400-520 MHz FM) Ham Two-Way Radio, Transceiver

The best Baofeng radio is the BF-F8HP which is also one of the best handheld ham radios . It’s a powerful Baofeng radio with a lot of features at an affordable price.

Detailed Comparison Table With Specifications

Output8 Watts7 Watts5 Watts4-5 Watts2 Watts2 Watts8 Watts5 Watts
Speaker Output700 mW1 Watt1 Watt700 mW1 Watt1 Watt1 Watt1 Watt
Frequency RangeVHF (136-174)
UHF (400-520)
VHF (136-174)
UHF (400-480)
VHF (130-179.99)
1.25M (222-225.99)
UHF (400-520.99)
VHF (136-174)
UHF (400-520)
FM 65MHz-108MHz* *Rx only
VHF (151.820 – 154.600) FM 65.0MHz-108.0MHz*
*RX only
VHF (136-174)*
UHF (400-520)*
GMRS 462 – 467 MHz
*RX only
VHF (136-174)
UHF (400-520)
FM 65.0MHz-108.0MHz*
*RX only
VHF (136-174)
UHF (400-520)
FM 65.0MHz-108.0MHz*
*RX only
Size10.5 x 2 x 2 inches2 x 1.5 x 5 inches2.28 x 1.26 x 4.33 inches7.01 x 4.29 x 4.02 inches2.28 x 1.26 x 4.33 inches2.28 x 1.26 x 4.33 inches4.5 x 1.4 x 2.3 inches2.4 x 2 x 11.3 inches
Weight10 oz10.4 oz – 11.3 oz8 oz15.8 oz8 oz8 oz16 oz8 oz
Number of Channels128400012812815128128128
ProgrammableVia keypad and PC via programming cableVia keypad and PC via programming cableVia keypad and PC via programming cableVia keypad and PC via programming cableVia keypad and PC via programming cablePC via programming cableVia keypad and PC via programming cablePC via programming cable
Battery2100 mAh Lithium Ion2100 mAh Standard Lithium Ion
3100 mAh High Capacity Lithium Ion
1500 mAh Lithium Ion1800 mAh Lithium Ion1800 mAh Lithium Ion1800 mAh Lithium Ion1800 mAh Lithium Ion1800 mAh Lithium Ion
Voltage7.4 V7.4 V7.2 V7.4 V7.4 V7.4 V7.4 V7.4V
AntennaV-85 Dual Band AntennaSMA-Female 6″ Dual Band Antenna (Compatible with Nagoya SMA-Female Antennas)V-85 Dual Band Antenna
220MHz Single Band Antenna
TIDRADIO 771 AntennaMURS VHF Single Band AntennaV-85 Dual Band Antenna23CM (9″) High Gain AntennaHigh gain Dual Band

Why Baofeng Radio?

Baofeng is a company with a proven record in making world-class radio communication equipment, mainly VHF and UHF walkie-talkie. It was founded in 2001.

Since 2012, Baofeng radios have passed the FCC certification and the European ROHS certification, paving the way for large-scale entry into the US & Europe markets.

Baofeng radios are the real deal because of the level of investment in R&D, production, sales and after-sales service.

Occasionally, they release improved versions of their radios giving users the pleasure of using the latest and most advanced Ham radios in the market.

But that’s not all. Baofeng radios are awesome for;

  • Affordability- acquiring a Baofeng radio will not leave a hole in a pocket. The prices are a great bargain and you get a lifetime value.
  • Multiple-use – They are versatile and can be used both for amateur and commercial use. You only need to get the right licensing.
  • Ease of Operation—They are simple to operate even for starters. The package comes with a detailed user manual that is easy to follow.
  • Powerful – They boast of output power of up to 8 watts. They also run on powerful batteries that are durable and never drains easily. You get more time to use the radio even in remote areas.
  • Flexible: Their radios have channels as low as 2.5KHz, CTCSS and DCS tones, can either be PC or manually programmed, operate in both VHF and UHF frequencies.

You’re assured of getting real value with guaranteed performance and warranty.

Top 8 Best BaoFeng Radios Reviews

1. BaoFeng BF-F8HP (UV-5R 3rd Gen) – Best Baofeng Radio

PriceRangeReliabilityFunctionalityDurabilityProgrammingBatteryExtrasOverall Rating

BF-F8HP Features/Specs

  • Output: 8 Watt Max
  • Speaker Output: 700mw
  • Frequency Range (MHz): VHF (136-174), UHF (400-520)
  • Push-to-Talk: Single
  • Display: Tri-Color
  • Usage: Amateur
  • Battery: 2000mAh

Baofeng BF-F8HP is the best Baofeng radio. It’s an improved version of the UV-5R model with a maximum power output of 8w. It’s a very user-friendly radio with detailed operating instructions that make it a great option for beginners. It comes with a powerful 2000mAh battery and it’s very well priced.

It is a handheld dual band radio that’s designed in the USA and operates on a new chipset technology.

You can rest assured BF-F8HP exhibits the highest transmission power. It features 3 power setting levels that you can choose from depending on your preference. These include low which sustains a power of 1 watt, med sustains 4 or 5 watts and high which you can use for 7 or 8 watts.

BF-F8HP radio features a 7-inch dual band antenna that’s adequately powerful to capture and to transmit frequencies. This improves its overall performance index and enables you to get clear signals.

It has a tri-color display that you can customize to your liking for easy operation and navigation.

For increased efficiency, it operates on high-frequency ranges. These include; 65-108 MHz for commercial FM radio reception, VHF of 136-174 MHz, and 400-520 MHz. Also, these apply both in reception and transmission.

Another big plus is its 2000mah battery which is more than enough for most users and lasts up to 24h at 5watts power.

BaoFeng BF-F8HP is often compared to the cheaper ham radio offering from the company, the Baofeng UV-5R. The UV-5R did lay the road to Baofeng’s initial success, but the bestseller mantle now belongs to the BF-F8HP. 

And for good reason. Baofeng BF-F8HP has a higher power output at 8W compared to the 5W maximum on UV-5R. Additionally, the BF-F8HP sports a better build quality, display, and overall better features. Battery backup and power are different for both radios. The BF-F8HP uses a 2100 mAh battery while the UV-5R is at 1800mAh.

But there’s more…

BF-F8HP is made with all types of users in mind. So, whether you’re experienced or a newbie, this radio is made with you in mind. And it comes with a detailed manual that you can use as a reference.

Moreover, you will have access to customer support and help should you have an issue that needs to be addressed urgently. 

Baofeng BF-F8HP is frequently bought together with:

  • BTECH PC03 FTDI Genuine USB Programming Cable. No Driver Issues, no old drivers needed, just plug and play
  • BaoFeng, BTECH BL-5L 3800mAh Li-ion Battery Pack. Baofeng standard 2000mah battery is decent but with this battery you can easily double the time you can use it before you have to charge it again.
  • Authentic Genuine Nagoya NA-771 15.6-Inch Whip VHF/UHF (144/430Mhz) to extend its range. This is a must for outdoor and camping usage.
What to Like
  • BF-F8HP Operates on a 3rd generation technology which increases its performance stats.
  • Operated on high-frequency ranges which enhances functionality.
  • BF-F8HP features 3 power levels that you can set to your preference.
  • Powerful mAh battery for more run time.
  • It’s made of sturdy material hence durable.
  • User-friendly with comprehensive operating instructions and a belt clip
  • Very Competitive Price
  • For easy programming on PC, you need an FTDI programming cable which is not part of the package.

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2. BTECH DMR-6X2 Radio 7-Watt Dual Band (DMR and Analog) – Best Baofeng DMR Radio

PriceRangeReliabilityFunctionalityDurabilityProgrammingBatteryExtrasOverall Rating
BTECH DMR-6X2 Best Baofeng DMR Radio

BTECH DMR-6X2 Features/Specs

  • Output:7 Watt Max
  • Frequency Range: 136-174MHz and 400-480 MHz
  • Display: Tri-Color
  • Compatible with DMR Tier I & 2.
  • Zones: 250 (Allows 250 Channels Per Zone)
  • Channel Capacity: 4000
  • Usage: Both amatuer & Commercial

DMR-6X2 radio is a versatile handheld and dual-band radio. It is made for both amateur and commercial use.

The radio has a large and bright TFT display that is 1.77 inches. This gives enough room for the display of all the necessary functions on the screen. What’s more interesting about the display screen is that it’s colored.

The radio has adequate storage space. You can store up to 4,000 channels, 10,000 groups and 200,000 contacts. With this radio, you don’t require extra storage space.

It operates on two frequency ranges of 136-174 MHz and 400-480 MHz. This gives you multiple options to choose from and you get access to lots of people around the world.

BTECH DMR-6X2 is an excellent match versus its competition like the AnyTone AT-D878UVII. BTECH DMR’s full kit with two batteries offers a better value for the same features than AnyTone AT-D878UVII. Things have changed since then and AnyTone has replaced the previous model with the new model AT-D878UVII Plus.

The new model gets better features, like a contact list of 500,000 over the previous 200,000. It also gets software updates and Bluetooth PTT. However, the new model is more expensive, which makes the BTECH DMR-6X2 a better deal than the AnyTone.

But here is more:

The radio exhibits high-performance capabilities and sustains a maximum power output of 7 watts on VHF and 6 watts on UHF. To add to this is an inbuilt GPS and can send APRS packets to beacons that are compatible so that other people can know where you are.

This radio is both dustproof and water-resistant. It’s a good choice for use outdoors, and even in severe weather. On a single charge, the battery takes up to 35 hours.

The other one of a kind feature of this specific radio is the “Store and Forward Repeater” mode. This mode uses the in-built recording chip of the radio. The DMR-6X2 then stores and routes calls on a similar band or as a cross band repeater.

With this technology, incoming audio data is recorded and forwarded to the designated frequency as soon as the signal drops.

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What to Like
  • Guaranteed high performance.
  • The radio is easy to use.
  • Large colored display screen.
  • High-frequency range.
  • You can record audios.
  • Best value for the money
  • Advanced feature settings on this radio require a programming software.

3. BAOFENG BF-88ST Walkie Talkies – Best Budget Baofeng Radio

BF-88ST Features/Specs

  • FRS radio with 16 channels
  • Transmit power at 0.5W low, 2W high
  • Excellent battery life
  • Includes VOX, channel scan, and monitoring

Value proposition is the heart of Baofeng radios. But sometimes, they outdo themselves with some interesting products. A case in point is the Baofeng BF-88ST, which is a remarkable FRS walkie-talkie with a diminutive price point.

The low price doesn’t take away key features from the walkie-talkie, just as long as you understand its limitations. This Baofeng radio is FCC Part 95 certified and is available for use without a license. That means it can only work on the pre-programmed 16 FRS channels. It doesn’t have any GMRS or ham radio functions.

Baofeng BF-88ST Walkie-Talkies are a no-frills FRS communication unit. These walkie-talkies have a non-removable antenna, though Baofeng says it’s upgraded and suitable for use. 

The battery is USB-chargeable and can last up to 25 hours of conventional use or 9 hours of continuous use. As with most manufacturers, Baofeng is a bit generous with those numbers, but not entirely off the mark. 

Another factor of note is the range. This Baofeng radio claims a range of 3 miles but as with all line-of-sight radios, the practical use range is significantly lower. BF-88ST usually transmits at a power of 0.5W and also includes a high-power mode for a 2W transmit power.

Features and options that add more value to this already cheap walkie-talkie include VOX, channel monitoring and scan, LED torch, and TOT.

Baofeng BF-88ST is an update to the previous BF-888ST model. The new model gets a better antenna for a higher range and better sound clarity. This is an FRS radio that’s ready to go right out of the box and has full access to the 16 FRS channels. 

Another improvement goes to the battery and charging. Baofeng BF-88ST gets a full charge in three hours, compared to the four hours of the Baofeng BF-888ST.

What to Like
  • Excellent price point.
  • Good battery life.
  • Has useful features like LED, VOX, and channel monitoring.
  • Compatible for use with CHIRP software.
  • The integrated antenna cannot be upgraded or replaced.
  • Voice quality is average at best.

4. BTECH (UV-5X3) 5 Watt Tri-Band Radio – Best Value For Money

PriceRangeReliabilityFunctionalityDurabilityProgrammingBatteryExtrasOverall Rating


  • Power Output:5 Watt Max
  • Speaker Output: 1 watt
  • Frequency Range (kHz): 2.5K/5.0K/6.25K/10.0K/12.5K/20.0K/25.0K/50.0K
  • Push-to-Talk: Single
  • Display: Tri-Color
  • Memory channels: 128 Channels
  • Usage: Amatuer

BTECH UV-5X3 Radio is designed in the US and well equipped to meet your Ham radio needs.

This is the only radio with a built-in firmware. You don’t have to always rely on a computer to program it.

And its updated menu makes it easy to use as well. You will find it reliable and convenient to use.

The radio features an LCD screen that enables the dual display of frequencies. From this, you can simultaneously have two important frequencies both on the primary and secondary display lines.

Scanning, adding, and removing channels is made easy with this radio model. This is attributed to its updated menu that allows you to perform these functions without necessarily needing a computer.

With UV-5X3, you can now scan frequencies in ranges. All you have to do is set the range you want on the display screen and let the radio scan just that. This saves you time and improves the efficiency of the radio.

UV-5X3 radio features a dual-band V-85 antenna that is powerful and enhances the transmission and reception abilities of the radio.  

Moreover, it supports external accessories such as earpiece kit which is essential if you want a secretive conversation over the radio.

Using this gadget should be easy as the package comes with a detailed user manual which even a newbie can follow through to get a better understanding of how to operate the device.

BTECH (UV-5X3) is an excellent competitor to the Baofeng BF-F8HP. Though the latter is more famous, the UV-5X3 is an excellent candidate and does a few things better. UV-5X3 is a tri-band radio, while the BF-F8HP is a dual-band radio. Baofeng BF-F8HP has a higher power output and I like the build, but this is almost evenly matched with the UV-5X3.

What to Like
  • Guaranteed high performance.
  • Easy to use radio functions.
  • User manual to help you understand how to operate the radio.
  • Advanced scanning and frequency modification abilities
  • The battery power becomes weak after a long period of use hence a replacement may be necessary after some months of use.

5. BTECH GMRS-V2 (2nd Generation) IP54 GMRS Two-Way Radio – Best Baofeng GMRS Radio

PriceRangeReliabilityFunctionalityDurabilityProgrammingBatteryExtrasOverall Rating


  • 22 Modifiable GMRS Two-Way Channels
  • 8 Modifiable GMRS Repeater Channels
  • 98 Programmable Scanner Channels
  • Privacy Tones
  • Dual Monitor and Synchronized Display
  • FM, NOAA, and Scanner
  • Usage: Commercial and Personal Use

The GMRS-V2 is FCC certified (Part 95A) for use on GMRS frequencies and for VHF/UHF scanning capabilities (Part 15B)

GMRS-V2 radio is designed and has its support system established in the US. This comes with a performance guarantee and should you experience challenges with your radio, you have a guaranteed product warranty.

This radio is a dual band and handheld. Besides, it supports both VHF and UHF band frequencies.

It features an inbuilt receiver that can monitor 2 different frequencies. This can happen on either VHF or UHF frequency bands.

With this radio, you will find channel scanning and modification simple. Relying on its channel skip feature, you can add or remove a channel from your existing channel list.

It’s also possible to skip nuance channels and settle on the channels that you want to save on your radio. This will help you to only save quality channels with clear sound.

Using this radio allows you easy link up with other Walkie talkies and radio users. This is possible as GMRS-V2 is compatible with GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) and FRS (Family Radio Service). Also, it operates on 30 channels that serve different purposes.

It comes with a built-in FM radio that you can count on for entertainment and a flashlight that is effective, reliable and doesn’t consume much power.

BTECH GMRS-V2 is a fresh replacement for the old workhorse, the BTECH GMRS-V1. The design and basic features stay the same but some functions have received an upgrade. A chipset upgrade gives the V2 the ability to handle 200 custom channels. 

Unlike most radios, these aren’t hardcoded GMRS channels. Users can set the channels in their preferred sequence. Onboard menus on the unit also make it easy to quickly add or remove multiple GMRS channels on this two-way radio. 

The dual watch feature simultaneously monitors two channels in a semi-duplex configuration. Baofeng has included dual PTT buttons and made the radio Kenwood K1 accessory compatible. With the ability to transmit up to 5W power, this is a fairly powerful GMRS radio and will need an FCC license to use.

Baofeng GMRS-V2 works with all CTCSS and DCS tones, so it can communicate with GMRS radios from all other brands. The battery on the radio is better managed now and takes about 3-4 hours for a full charge. Once fully charged, it can provide power for about 18 hours.

Low-quality frequencies become a thing of the past when using this radio. It has a powerful SMA female antenna that helps in the reception and transmission of quality frequencies so that you get a clear sound.

The GMRS-V2 is one of the best and most capable GMRS handheld radios

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What to Like
  • This radio is easy to operate.
  • High performance.
  • It comes with a user manual that is easy to follow.
  • Available product warranty should you have an issue.
  • It does not operate on the FRS only channels

6. BaoFeng GT-3TP Mark-III Tri-Power

PriceRangeReliabilityFunctionalityDurabilityProgrammingBatteryExtrasOverall Rating


  • Output:8 Watt Max
  • Frequency Range:VHF: 136-174 MHz (RX/TX), UHF: 400-520 MHz (RX/TX).
  • 128 Channels, 50 CTCSS and 104 DCS
  • FM radio: 65-108 MHz (RX Only)
  • Busy Channel Lock “BCLO”
  • VOX (Hands-free Talk)
  • Usage: Commercial

GT-3 TP Mark III is an upgrade from GT-3 Mark II and it operates on tri-power mode.

This implies that it has up to three power settings that you can tap on depending on your preference.

Its highest power level is 8 watts, a mid-power level of 4 watts, and a low power level setting of 1 watt.

This feature makes the radio reliable and versatile when it comes to power usage.

It has a wide frequency transmission and reception range. By covering a wide area, you can effectively communicate with others over an 11 km radius.

It has a drop-resistant hard shell cover that protects the radio from damages in case it falls down. This also contributes to its agility hence you will find the radio durable.

And when the signals are poor, you will still get quality sound. The radio has an AGV switch that you can use to cancel noise whenever you have poor signal strength.

In a conventional model-naming scenario, the Baofeng GT-3TP would pack fewer features than the Baofeng GT-5TP. On comparing the models, the opposite is true. The GT-3TP has Busy Channel Lock (BCLO), VOX, tri color display, and better frequency coverage. 

Notable features on the GT-5TP include dual PTT, VOX, and tri-color display. Overall, GT-3TP beats the 5TP in better signal and voice clarity, and build quality. Either way, both these radios don’t quite hold up to the better firmware and handling of the Baofeng BF-F8HP.

What to Like
  • Guaranteed high performance.
  • It comes with a user manual that is easy to follow.
  • Operates on tri-power mode and setting.
  • Made of sturdy cover that is durable.
  • You have to buy programming software separately.

7. BaoFeng UV-5R MK5 – Cheap Baofeng Radio

PriceRangeReliabilityFunctionalityDurabilityProgrammingBatteryExtrasOverall Rating
Baofeng UV-5R


  • Output: 4-5 Watt Max
  • Speaker Output: 700mw
  • Frequency Range (mhz): VHF (136-174), UHF (400-520)
  • FM Radio: 65MHz-108MHz
  • Push-to-Talk: Single
  • Display: Tri-Color
  • Usage: Amatuer

Baofeng UV-5R is a handheld and dual band two way radio that is pocket friendly.

UV-5R covers a frequency of up to 520 MHz which allows you to access multiple frequencies.

It features a long powerful TIDRADIO 771 antenna that ensures you access to all the possible frequencies for easy communication. The last thing you want is a breaking channel and this antenna takes care of that.

Baofeng UV-5R operates on squelch technology that is reliable and effective in voice commanding. With this, you’re guaranteed a clear sound even in a noisy environment.

This technology cleanses the wave frequency to give you a stellar and clear sound. Therefore, this will make communication easy even in areas with poor signals.

It has 128 channels that provide adequate room where you can save the frequencies that you frequently use.

For easy access, you can program the radio according to your specifications. The radio comes with a programming cable that you can use on a computer with the radio. However, you need to have a programming software installed on that computer.  

Additionally, it’s possible to reject irrelevant calls with this radio. This will enable you to stay focused and only take important calls.

It comes with a standby battery that you can use when you have drained power out of the primary battery. This will save you time that you’d otherwise use waiting for the only battery to fully charge.

Also, it has a power-saving function that enables you to use power sparingly. This is important when you’re in a remote place where power access is a challenge. Thus, you can stay active for long with this function.

BaoFeng UV-5R MK5 is a modification by Mirkit on the original BaoFeng UV-5R radio. The Mirkit version goes significantly higher in cost than the original, though with some improved features and a higher transmit power.

This radio is FCC Part 15 and Part 97 certified, which has recently been a sticking point for FCC with regards to Baofeng radios, including Baofeng UV-5R

What to Like
  • The radio is easy to use.
  • Controlled power consumption.
  • It comes with a standby battery.
  • The radio is sturdy and durable.
  • Its reach out range is dependent on the battery power level.
    Therefore, with low power, you will have a limited reach.
  • Can only scan at 3 frequencies every second
  • Not good for those who are searching for a high-end radio
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8. BTECH MURS-V1 MURS License Free Two-Way Radio – Best Baofeng MURS Radio

PriceRangeReliabilityFunctionalityDurabilityProgrammingBatteryExtrasOverall Rating
BTECH MURS-V1 Best Baofeng MURS Radio


  • Output: 2 Watt Max
  • Transmit and Receive: MURS Channels 1-5
  • Total Channels: 15
  • FM Radio: 65.0MHz-108.0MHz
  • License Free Two-Way Radio for Manufacturing, Retail, Personal, and Business

MURS-V1 is a handheld radio that can transmit and receive up to 15 MURS channels.

With this radio, you can select two power options. These are 2W for high power and 500mW for low power.

You will find this radio less sophisticated and easy to use. This is because it comes with already pre-programmed 2-way 5MURS channels that allow shared frequency use.

For uniqueness, the frequencies are tone separated and for enhanced privacy between users in multiple other departments.

What’s more: this radio doesn’t require licensing and you can use it for all purposes.

Also, you can synchronize the display to simultaneously show two channels. This enables you to see all the important channels at a go without switching from one to another.

The radio has an inbuilt FM radio that you can tune to for entertainment purposes. Occasionally, if you need to detract yourself, the FM radio proves invaluable.

It is highly compatible with other accessories such as BL-8 battery pack and Kenwood k1 speaker mics. And not forgetting SMA female antenna that increases its reception and transmission power.

At night or when in a dark room, you don’t need to have a flashlight. The radio features an inbuilt and powerful flashlight that can light up your way as you walk in the dark.

The channels are easy to program and with a computer and a programming software you’re set to go. The package includes a programming cable that you can use to connect the radio to the computer.

There’s a popular radio competing with the BTECH MURS-V1, the Motorola RMM2050. The Motorola radio has slightly better features than the BTECH radio. These include 5 MURS channels, better speaker quality, and somewhat better voice quality.

However, the Motorola RMM2050 is priced about four times higher than the BTECH MURS-V1. The overpriced Motorola makes BTECH the better choice any day of the week.

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What to Like
  • Easy to operate.
  • Has a long-lasting battery
  • Works excellently
  • The device is sturdy and durable.
  • It requires a stronger antenna to transmit over longer distances.

9. BaoFeng UV-82C Dual Band (136-174/400-520 MHz FM) Ham Two-Way Radio, Transceiver

PriceRangeReliabilityFunctionalityDurabilityProgrammingBatteryExtrasOverall Rating
Baofeng UV82C handheld ham radio


  • Output: 5 Watt Max
  • Speaker Output: 1 Watt
  • Frequency Range (mhz): VHF (136-174), UHF (400-520)
  • Push-to-Talk: Single, Dual, or Both: Both
  • Display: Tri-Color

This model is a pact, economical 2-meter, and 440 MHz amateur radio device. It has a one of a kind 65 to 108 MHz VHF reception band that has the periodic FM transmission band.

It has a double watch and dual reception and it gives you up to 128 channels when you purchase this portable ham radio. It’s among the most economical of BaoFeng ham radio.

The best thing about this radio is that it alerts you when the battery is low and also shows the amount of charge left in the battery. When you compare former BaoFeng radios with this new model, the latter has a louder 1-Watt speaker, a much stronger case with large buttons, and a recently made chipset.

It also has a circuit board that extends the range, performance of the former BaoFeng chipsets, and accuracy.

So, what’s the difference between related models like Baofeng UV-82C and Baofeng UV-82HP? Well, the HP here stands for “high power”. The UV-82HP offers a higher transmitting power at 7W. On the other hand, the UV-82C (commercial) tops out its transmitting power at 5W.

Even though the UV-82HP has a higher power transmission output, its usage is somewhat limited. For most consumers using a handheld ham radio, the difference between both transmissions would be negligible.

Both these radios are FCC Part 90 certified and need to connect to a programming software like CHIRP to become fully operational.

Some of the pros and cons are outlined below. Let’s take a look!

What to Like
  • Has multiple channels
  • Has a battery power-saving mode
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful radio-5watts
  • The charging mode is not the best
  • Alphanumeric programming only possible via the software

Best BaoFeng Radios Buying Guide

According to our review the clear winner is the BaoFeng BF-F8HP. Nevertheless prior to making a buying decision for the best Baofeng ham radio, you need to be aware of what to consider.

There are multiple radios in the market and without the right knowledge, you’re likely to mess.

The good news is that I have compiled a list of considerations that you should flip over before opening your wallet. Here are several factors you need to look out for when buying a BaoFeng Radio.

1. Power Usage

More wattage means more powerful signal and a longer radio range. For long-distance uses, wattage is crucial as it plays a big role when two appliances are far apart.

You should possibly purchase a higher wattage radio if those are the conditions under which you’re using a radio.

The average power output for the best radio should be 4 watts. However, one with more power output is recommended.

This is important because your radio efficiency depends on this. Also, you need to check that your battery power is powerful and can support the radio. 

A high power battery will enable you to use the radio for long before a recharge becomes necessary.

2. Range of frequency

First of all, check the frequency range you need for your radio. You will find that BaoFeng designs are generally mono, double and 3-band radios that support 3 frequency modes: VHF, FM, and UHF.


This is crucial in any radio. There’s more to be told about the differences between Ultra-High Frequency and Very High Frequency (UHF and VHF), but we will make it simplified for you.

In general, UHF radios do well inside a building, while VHF is best suited outdoors. This is because UHF waves can pass through obstructions; on the contrary, VHF waves need open distances for transmission.

3. Noise Control

At times, dealing with noise and poor signal reception is inevitable. However, if this goes on, you’re likely to have compromised audio quality.

The only way to take care of this is to have a radio that can cancel unnecessary noise so that you only get quality signals.

4. Speaker Output Power

The speaker goes a long way in ensuring you hear every word regardless of the environmental conditions.

This implies that a high power speaker remains useful even in a noisy environment.

Therefore, you need to check the power of the speaker before you purchase the radio. 700 mW is the minimum speaker power that’s recommended.

5. Radio Antenna

Antenna power is important if you want to transmit or receive signals over long distances.

Therefore, check the power of the antenna as it has a direct correlation with the efficiency of the radio.

6. Durability

This will determine how long you get to use your radio. Therefore, check that the radio has a sturdy cover that is resistant to damages in case it falls.

7. Programming

BaoFeng radios are commonly used for programming. They offer you the option of setting various transmission frequencies like weather tracking, law enforcement and many other departments that provide help in an emergency.

8. Model and Display

You will most probably come across troublesome situations outdoors at night. If you use a ham radio with indistinct light, it can be difficult. Therefore, look for the display option for the backlight. Furthermore, BaoFeng has several designs with a large 3-color display.

With a well-built metal housing, the radio is robust enough to endure breakage and destruction. It should be waterproof so that it continues working in conditions such as floods and rain.


That’s it with the best Baofeng handheld radio reviews. Choosing the best Baofeng models shouldn’t be a daunting task anymore.

By following this guide, you can rest assured that you’ll be at ease choosing the one that fits your needs.

  • October 7, 2021
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