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Deeper fish finder review

Deeper smart portable fish finder One of the features associated with Deeper fish finders is their portability. They are relatively small and easy to operate. Unlike most fish finders, installing these is quite an easy task. Their WiFi connection capability enables the user to connect to the device via a smart phone. There is an App too, that is pretty cool. This enables you t [...]

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Best Long Range Two Way Radios

Best Long Range Two Way Radios Long range two way radios have revolutionized camping, hunting and hiking. Thanks to these devices, the outdoor experience for most enthusiasts has become more comfortable and a lot more safer. Before we take a look at some of these radios, it is imperative to first understand what to look for when shopping for a long range radio. How To Choo [...]

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How to Prepare For a Hurricane

#1: Are you in a Hurricane Evacuation Area? These are the areas most affected by the power of the storm and are usually known as surge areas. This means that, if the authorities announce a hurricane will hit, you have to evacuate, no questions asked. These areas are public so, if you’re not sure about this, ask the local authorities. They will also be able to provide you wit [...]

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How To Survive a Nuclear Blast

It is important to be well informed on how to survive a nuclear blast. While it may not seem likely, a nuclear attack is still an existing threat, and the constant bickering between the US and North Korea is a powerful testimony. But the threat is not just from these two countries. While the US is one of the most well-supplied nuclear powers of the world, there are other countr [...]

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Best Handheld Ham Radio

The best radios are the portable ones and in this article we take a deep look at the best handheld radio as they are convenient, easy to use and can function almost anywhere. A good radio should at least be the one you can carry while  in a car, a bicycle or taking a walk in the park or hiking in the mountains. What is a ham radio? It is also known as amateur radio. It is [...]

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Walkie talkie lingo and codes

Walkie talkie lingo and codes Using a Walkie talkie as a means of communication is something that has been practiced for a few decades. Over the years, special language has been developed to ensure the experience is smooth for both parties. There are codes used to make communication easy and brings about some form of uniformity. This makes it possible for users from diff [...]

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