Benefits of Outdoor Recreation


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Many people enjoy the serenity of spending time in nature through several activities like running or jogging,  walking, having a picnic at the pack, hiking, camping, swimming, star gazing, rock climbing, biking, kayaking, skiing, kite flying, mountain climbing, sports basketball, soccer, volleyball or any other activity done outside.

Fresh air and natural scenery have a positive impact on adults and also improves the overall quality of children’s lives.

Benefits of outdoor recreation3

Benefits of Outdoor Recreation

#1.Outdoor air is more fresh air than indoors

Jogging, taking a walk in the park, running, biking, or walking through the forest where there are plenty of trees, makes one breath in high-quality air with high concentrations of oxygen. The fresh oxygen found outdoors supplies through your lungs and body heals damaged tissues and improves organ functions.

The concentration of pollutants is often two-to-five times higher indoors than outdoors. Indoors, one is exposed to carbon monoxide, chemicals from building materials, household products, and furnishings. Atmospheric toxins, like benzene, are more concentrated in indoor air than in outdoor air and are said to cause cardiovascular disease, asthma, and allergies

When one is experiencing symptoms like burning eyes, fatigue, breathing problems and headaches you’re probably spending too much time breathing indoor air and  It’s best for your health to get outside and take a nature walk.

#2. Nature stimulates the brain

Outdoors exercises benefit mental well-being of a person more than the same type of exercise indoors. When you exercise outdoors, there is so much to see and experience. Your mind is alert but relaxed when you use the hills, see the sand on a beach, or a winding path. The mind focuses differently than it would on flat ground. Learning new skills when outdoor stimulates and wakes up parts of the brain to a positive direction making being outside a regular essential to good health.

#3.Outdoor activities gives You Vitamin D

The sun helps us synthesize an important nutrient in our diet, vitamin D. Sunrays provide plenty of Vitamin D which helps to prevent diseases, infections, cancer, psychological conditions and improves bone health.

Being outdoors during the day can greatly improve your health. People who are overweight are more likely to be deficient in vitamin D and are advised to take advantage of sunlight and spend more time outdoors. Patients with tuberculosis also improve when they spent time outside in the sun.

#4. Exercises is good for better Sleep

Being out in the sun also helps you sleep. People who spend more time in nature or stay in rural areas, where the nights are darker, benefit from a restful sound sleep. Spending more time indoors makes the body not well exposed to light throughout the day and night. This makes it confused as to what time it is and when to turn up melatonin expression. Morning sunlight helps to regulate your internal biological clock, making it much easier for you to get your needed rest during bedtime.

Benefits of outdoor recreation

#5. Nature reduces stress and creates happiness.

Nature greatly reduces people’s stress levels and depression. Outdoor sights and sounds are relaxing to the body and mind and helps to decrease worry and anxiety. Exercise improves your thinking in several ways and the reduction of stress alone is enough to help you focus and think more creatively. Waking up a few minutes earlier in the morning to go for a walk makes you have a productive day or a short walk before dinner will make you feel fresh. Walking through a forest or taking a nature walk reduces the levels of the stress hormone in the blood and decreased stress and anxiety. It also reduced blood pressure and heart rate and fatigue.

One is likely to be more relaxed, active and react better in stressful situations, and also exhibit high productivity Exercises boosts the levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin, making you feel happier. Being outdoor just makes people happier generally, changes brain chemistry in a positive way, improves mood, and provides opportunities for fun.

#6. Exercises improve social skills

Getting outside, camping, having a picnic, going for a hike, and doing other activities outdoors allows you to meet new people and interact with them. It is a perfect opportunity to really connect with others. Most outdoor activities are group activities and when doing them with other people, you may have to help each other out and support each other when trying new things. You rely on each other more than in normal life and this helps one develop a strong sense of community, improve communication, teamwork, and learn problem-solving techniques and overall social skills. It’s a great way to build trust and cooperation. Many companies also promote outdoor team building as it can motivate employees. Having no TVs or phones to distract you from conversations, you can quietly share an experience.

Benefits of outdoor recreation

#7. Nature enhances Senses and Memory

Spending time outdoors strengthens senses and memory. When outside, you’re exposed to plenty of sights, smells, sounds, and touches. These help to enhance all your senses and improve one’s concentration. Being outdoors improves short term memory.

#8. Outdoor activities Improve physical fitness.

When you are active outdoor walking through the park, biking through the mountains, running up a mountain, or on the beach, playing a sport, the body encounters a changing environment. One needs to adapt to all those changes in the surroundings which make the bodywork harder than it would do when you’re having indoor activities. These activities improve physical fitness and can help decrease the likelihood of obesity.

No matter the type of outdoor activity you do, it involves some form of physical movement and exercise, which improves one’s well-being. Engaging in simple games develops physical agility and proper body coordination.

#9. Outdoor Light Improves Vision

For young children, too much time indoors can create irreversible changes in the eyes and myopia. Artificial light promotes the development of nearsightedness. The more time we spend with the TV or computer screen, the more likely we are to suffer dry eye syndrome.

Being outdoors in natural light appears to facilitate the development of healthy eyesight and might prove to be better for our eyes as we get older. Letting the eyes focus on something more distant exercises different muscles and allows the eyes to relax and recover

Benefits of outdoor recreation

#10. Exercises develop one personality

Getting outside and exploring the outdoors allows you to free your mind from the busy life. Trying on something new is a great way to push those new limits and build confidence. Many outdoor activities require resourcefulness, others are dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing and mastering new skills that allow you to push your boundaries changes how you think about yourself. It’ll encourage your sense of adventure and you’re likely to develop your self-confidence and creativity by making things around you fun.

#11. Nature helps in healing

Patients who are exposed to the outdoors tend to recover more quickly than those indoors. Nature directly improves people’s physical health, including patients who are recovering from a disease or illness, surgery, or any other type of ailment. People recovering from spinal surgery experience less pain and stress and take fewer pain medications when they were exposed to natural light.

Having a painting of nature in their room or a window with an outdoor view makes them use less pain medication and have shorter hospital stays, they don’t really have to go out for a walk or do any outdoor activities.


People recovering from addiction find themselves angry, overwhelmed, tired, anxious, depressed, or having other negative emotions. Recovery can be hard and it’s important to make time for fun and do things you enjoy. Whether its nature walks, jogging, biking, reading a good book or flying a kite, time spent in nature can be a very enjoyable way to spend your free time. Generally, outdoor recreation supports sobriety.

  • July 13, 2022
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